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The Art Of Building Work Culture In Remote Teams

The Art Of Building Work Culture In Remote Teams

Learn how fostering authentic employee engagement with your team can positively impact your business. If it’s something you haven’t done too often, you might not have aced the onboarding process the first time around. So, get feedback from each remote employee about the recruitment process as to what worked and what didn’t. This will help you improve your process for your future remote hires.

remote team culture

In offices, culture can evolve organically through team activities, collaboration, and other IRL shared experiences. The time teams spend together gives them a sense of purpose and belonging. Building a remote team culture can also happen organically, but it requires more deliberate thought and proactive effort to shape. To help teams build trust and foster communication, there is a need of creating pair buddies on regular basis.

Hat Does Team Culture Mean?

It’s also simple to download player submissions (photos, videos, etc.) for you to share internally. One of the challenges of remote work is building camaraderie and connection across individuals and teams – something that’s significantly easier when everyone works from the same office. Nectar fills that void SSH operations by creating a fun, collaborative space where people can celebrate great everyday work that often goes unnoticed. Buffer’s State of Remote Work Survey established “loneliness” as the second biggest struggle with working remotely. A strong remote work culture unites workers around a shared sense of purpose.

remote team culture

Never meeting face-to-face won’t ever provide the same connection within the team. To keep employees bonded, come up with a series of events you can afford to hold on a regular basis. For this reason, you’ll want to steer clear from getting used to dealing with issues in real-time and implement best practices and tools for handling tasks and communication in an async manner. Here’s where the same exact collaboration policies mentioned above come into play to keep conversations clear and detailed even when a colleague gets to read a message hours after it was sent.

Outlining expectations, turning in reports, voicing concerns, or even just vocalizing support for one another can all benefit from over-communicating through explicit writing, emojis, video messages, and more. It’s also a good idea to open up the floor to communication suggestions. For instance, when running a larger workforce, some teams may operate slightly differently than others, and some partnerships might have mildly different education styles. Leaders, in particular, need to be open to communicating with their employees about how meetings and productivity are going to be overseen going forward. More importantly, though, none of the other things mentioned above can happen without trust and transparency. You won’t have a passionate team that buys into the vision and mission, a team that is inclusive or communicative, unless you also bake trust and transparency into everything. These stories, when told publicly, can also help you to attract the people who are most likely to have passion for your company’s culture and values.

Hold Virtual Lunches, Coffee Breaks, Cultural Festivals And Movie Nights

We put those fruits and veggies in hard-to-see and annoying-to-open bins at the bottom of the fridge, instead of at eye level, where we display things like beer and leftover takeout. Whatever values you want your company culture to reflect need to be designed into your work environment. Some elements of your culture will happen organically by virtue of the way your team’s personalities mix and the individual values people express. But a lot of your culture is designed, and how https://globalcloudteam.com/ well your company actually practices the culture you’re trying to build has a lot to do with the choices you make. At Saent, we spent a month last year developing a set of shared, internal values that inform how we treat each other, how we treat our customers, how we design our products, and how we bring them to the world. Our values feed into and support our company mission, and our culture flows from them. A new topic each week to create and drive exceptional team culture.

remote team culture

All of these things can help people collaborate on things that are near and dear to their hearts outside of work. These culture builders are critical to the bonds that teams form. Building a strong work culture in a remote team may be challenging, but it’s necessary to create a work environment where your employees actually enjoy going to work. Creating this environment can result in higher productivity and retention, which are the goals of every successful company. We hope the advice above can help you build a strong culture in your remote team, whether your team is newly adjusting to working from home, or you have been remote for a while. We have weekly video chats where we talk about work topics and also learn about each others’ cultures, customs and hobbies. Usually there are 2 people presenting their topics each week and others commenting and asking questions.

How Do You Improve The Culture Of A Virtual Team?

Consider bolstering your remote work culture a win, even if your company returns to fully onsite work. Strengthening team bonds to work remotely will also benefit onsite work by deepening relationships, building trust, and enhancing communication. Listen to what your employees are saying, and also not saying about your company culture. Actively ask your remote teams what can be improved for them to be able to perform better. With physically located teams, it’s easy to overlook culture building with the assumption that it will naturally happen. In most situations, this is simply not true, but by the time a physically located team realizes it, it might be too late to repair their culture.

This remote work software helps employees stay connected to fulfilling work goals and desires that have nothing to do with physical space. Motivated Scaling monorepo maintenance and driven to pursue goals they can now track on a daily basis, remote employees naturally feel more connected to company missions.

We have far too often turned company culture into a clichéd term, thrown around in passing references. But we sometimes forget its significance and why it plays such a crucial role. Organizational culture has a tremendous impact on productivity, sustainable growth of the business, and the company’s long-term vision.

remote team culture

Anna has written about experience design, product development, and workshop facilitation. She has been working in distributed teams for three years, and is passionate about helping them succeed. Remote work models mean you can even pair employees from different offices in different locations. This significantly expands the reach of your company’s network of close relationships, giving everyone a chance to understand different teams and maybe even share different skills.

Overcommunicate! And Overcommunicate Clearly With Remote Teams

It’s important to strike a balance between real-time and asynchronous communication. Chatting face to face, or in the case of remote workers—on video, helps with relationship building and clearing the air in moments of tension. But even more importantly, teams with effective communication cultures have remote team culture a greater sense of accountability. It’s one thing to slack off as part of a remote team when you don’t care about the culture and aren’t particularly friendly with any of your coworkers. It’s another thing entirely to do that when team members you care about are counting on you to do your part.

  • 6 reasons why a dedicated workspace is a must when working from home A dedicated workspace or a home office space increases productivity when working remotely.
  • A strong and consistent remote work culture can unite employees and give them a shared sense of purpose.
  • Utilize screen sharing applications found in tools like Slack, Zoom, and Skype so that everyone is literally on the same page.
  • Hosting a virtual breakfast session or happy hour is an excellent idea.
  • Offices provide numerous opportunities for people to come together and both consciously and organically create the type of working environment they want.
  • Although it may not affect the results of your business, it can be one of the negatives sides of building communication within the team.

When building a remote team, you’ll need to rethink all processes, from recruiting, onboarding, career paths, and performance reviews, to collaboration, tools, and project management. The beauty of trusting your teammates is that oftentimes your teammates reward you. In a remote team, there aren’t any silly rules about having your butts in a seat during certain hours of the day. This means at the end of the week you either have something to show for your week or not.

At Trusty Oak, we have several go-to onboarding tools, and we have a mentor system in place. The idea is to make the most out of your culture and foster transparency in order to create an environment of trust so your organization can continuously keep moving forward. With a growing remote workforce, it has now become imperative for companies to consider creating a remote work culture and introduce the right systems and practices to implement it. When team members can’t hear or see each other, critical feedback may come out too harsh. That’s why, in virtual teams, it’s best to deliver feedback “face-to-face” through video calls. Your turnover rate is low, and your employee engagement numbers are high. Creating an engaged and happy team working for a company is generally challenging.

Find A Balance Between Synchronous And Asynchronous Communication

For attendees, it is 100% browser-based, making it highly accessible; joining a meeting is instantaneous from a single click. For enterprises, it is highly customizable, with white-labeling options for a private branded solution. Kelly Barcelos is a content marketing manager for Jobsoid and specializes in HR. When Kelly is not building marketing campaigns, she is busy creating content to help people hire better. As a working mom of three, she knows the importance of time management and counts on her multitasking ability to get her through her to-do lists. The GoSkills LMS is the ideal solution to train your remote team and help them stay productive.

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